Guide to Painting Your Porch

Nothing feels better than seeing your porch look shiny from being newly painted again. It makes your day bright and happy to see a new color and touch to your home porch. What is new makes us feel better, right?

In this article, we will show you how to paint your porch, what steps you should take before undergoing the painting, and how to choose the best commercial painters company for the painting job.

Painting the porch is not as daunting as it may seem. With the right planning and execution, you can have your porch nice and new again.

First Step

First, remove everything and anything on your porch. Cover with cloth (old cloth will do) the things that cannot be removed from your porch. After this, start sweeping your porch of any dirt and debris. Do a thorough sweeping to ensure that your porch is clean and free from obstacles to your painting. This is to ensure that your painting will be smooth and easy. You may want to finish with water or by using a hose.

Painting a Concrete Porch

For this purpose, you will use gloves for safety purposes, cleaning chemicals for concrete, scrub brush for a thorough clean of your concrete porch. Be careful with the chemicals as they can be harmful. After thoroughly scrubbing your porch, wash down with water. Rinse and let dry for a day. 

Tape off areas you don’t want to paint. For the paint, make sure to buy concrete exterior paint. This type of paint is durable and is all weather paint. Complete the painting before letting it dry. Make sure to let it dry for about 24 hours. 

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Painting a Wooden Porch

Much like painting a concrete porch, you do the thorough sweeping, cleaning, and hosing down your wooden porch for it to be completely free and primed for painting. Make sure to make it completely dry before applying the paint.

Remove any existing paint by using an orbital sander peel the old paint off. Use safety goggles, mask, gloves to protect yourself. Sweep the dust from your porch to make it clean. 

Use painter’s tape on areas that you don’t want painted such as edges, the home itself, etc.) Once done taping, use an exterior primer! After applying the primer, start painting on the opposite side so that once you’re done painting, you don’t walk on the painted area. Let the paint dry for about eight hours. 

You can choose your favorite color for the painting. Also, you can use exterior wooden porch paint that is durable, weather resistant, and able to resist wear and tear and being walked on for years!

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