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An insight On Vertical Storage System

Are running a company that deals with a lot of distribution?

How do you arrange your distribution center?

Your distribution center can significantly benefit from vertical storage systems application. One of the largest challenges facing warehouse operations and management is the effective utilization of floor area. And since warehouses operations are increasing day by day to complex in this digital era, it’s vital that storage sections take up a little area of the floor as possible. Your business or warehouse can effectively utilize the available space, improve efficiency as well as reducing some costs.

Having said that, companies should consider using a vertical shelving system when it comes to the storage of their small to medium items because these systems provide exceptional storage and retrieval of goods. Vertical storage systems include carousels and shuttles that assist in using the available area to the maximum.

Basically, there are two major types of vertical storage systems available on the market: Vertical Lift Module and vertical carousel system. Although they function similarly, they do differ thus it’s important to know more about them in order to know which one suits you best.

The vertical carousel storage system

The vertical carousel storage system is used for light commercial applications thus occupies a small area. It operates on a chain system that moves the carriers in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction in vertical displacement. To make sure that the carousel storage solutions are optimal, an even weight distribution of the stored items is ensured to prevent unbalanced loads.

The Vertical Lift Model

VLM is a modernized vertical shelving system consisting of two columns of stacked trays and an elevator system for storage compartments retrieval. The needed floor space is slightly bigger because it requires to accommodate storage rooms and an elevator operating inside the system of storage.  

The VLM trays design can handle a load of over 1000kg four times more than its predecessors. The storage height of the trays is adjustable to suit different items stored.

Importance of vertical storage systems

Time saving

The needed items to be collected are brought directly to the picker through a picking window just by a button press. This will reduce the time taken by the picker when walking around the warehouse picking items hence increasing the rate of picking per hour.

Enhances effective use of the available space

The vertical shelving system designs facilitate the optimal use of the available space in a warehouse. Using this system of storage, your company space is reduced by around 80% to 90% as compared to the use of other storage systems like traditional ones.

Makes work easier

The operating mechanism applied in vertical storage systems allows you to deliver items to the picker at a suitable height hence enhancing easy picking and reducing the need to reach, stretch, lift and bend when collecting items. Moreover, it minimizes the occurrence of work-related injuries.  


With a vertical shelving system, you will maximally utilize the available storage space as well as carry out the effective distribution of your items. make sure that you take good care and maintenance of the machine in order to optimally serve you for a long time.

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