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Best Paint Colors for Bathroom Vanities

Master bathroom is a great sanctuary to most homeowners. It is a personal place where you can relax and settle your minds. Now, if you are thinking about home improvement, bathroom remodeling would be a perfect place to start. When renovating your bathroom, there are minor changes you can make that can create a huge difference including repainting your bathroom vanities.

There are various choices of colors you can pick to paint your vanities. But not all of them can give you a stylish and inspirational look. So, if you are living in Melbourne, here are various colors for bathroom vanities Melbourne residents can find that will provide an exquisite bathroom update and makeover.


White is the most popular color for bathroom vanities. The color goes with all kind of bathroom colors and styles since its neutral. White makes your space feel large, which makes it a perfect choice if your bathroom has limited space.   Importantly, the color is timeless. Even after you repaint your bathroom walls after a few years, the color will stand out perfectly.

Soft Gray

Most homeowners prefer gray color for their bathroom vanities. First, gray is stunning, sophisticated and has a cooler tone. It is harmonious to all kind of colors that you may choose for your bathroom walls and more importantly, the   color is timeless. Also, grey provides a warmer feel, and if your bathroom is small, it makes it feel big.

Navy Blue

Navy blue is an excellent option for your bathroom vanity. The color is classic, clean and noteworthy. Navy blue can stand out with all bathroom styles including traditional, nautical and preppy. If you combine it with white, it offers a   stylish contrast. The color is timeless, providing you with a reflective surface that gives life to your bathroom.

Vibrant Blue

If you want a bold contrast, darker blues work out great for your bathroom vanity. The color provides your bathroom space with warmth and in-depth feeling. Blue is timeless and blends harmoniously with all kind of bathroom paints. Additionally, it makes your area feel livelier, cheerer and more exciting to relax. All in all, there are many options for painting your bathroom vanities. If you want a livelier and cheerer bathroom, the above color choices will work out perfectly. However, the choice you make depends on your taste and need. Again, when choosing colors for your bathroom vanity, consider whether the color will match with the rest of bathroom appliances to give a visually striking departure.

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