How to Fight Video Conferencing Fatigue

Getting tired due to a video meeting is becoming common, especially with more video meetings than ever before. Google searches for “Zoom fatigue” have risen steadily since March, most likely due to the pandemic. However, with reliable web based video conferencing solutions , the right tools and knowledge to counter fatigue. There’s no reason to get dragged down too.

Video calls can feel draining for a lot of reasons. One is because we are less engaged during a less personal meeting, via screen rather than face to face. This forces us to focus intently, upfront, to fully absorb the information. Unlike in a face to face meeting where a conversation can feel more natural. The likelihood of this happening in a virtual meeting is less likely, which also makes it more stressful.

Aside from the fact that we are easily distracted when we’re at home with family, pets and other forms of distractions. We are also easily distracted by social media, television, radio and other things.

Another reason for fatigue is having to constantly stare at the computer screen. Doing this can make us uncomfortable and tired. The demand for focus and attention during an online call is much higher compared to personal meetings and conferences. Where we can scan the room and take small mental breaks. 

The Good news? It doesn’t have to be this way. We will provide some easy, proven tips to help fight video call fatigue and make it less exhausting. 

1. Don’t Multitask

Losing focus because of multitasking on a call can greatly affect your performance. In fact, research has shown that you have to turn certain parts of your brain off and on for different tasks. Multitasking can cost as much as 40% of your productive time. 

It’s much better to close all online tabs not related to the meeting. So you can focus more on the video call at hand. For more web based video conferencing solutions you can trust, visit Vaitel.

2. Take Breaks

You can do wonders to lessen the stress during video calls by taking a mini-break beforehand. Just make sure you are refreshed and ready to go. With some water on your desk, and your call will feel much more focused and enjoyable. 

3. Avoid Stimuli

Staring at your own face and other people’s faces on screen can cause stress and fatigue without you knowing it. People also tend to notice certain things in other participants’ rooms – such as plants, pets, paintings, furniture, and even wallpaper. Our minds become tired and stressed when our brain has to process all of these visual stimuli all at the same time. The solution to this is to try and use plain backgrounds where possible. 

At first, you might have a hard time following these tips. But, as time goes by and you get better at mastering the techniques. You will feel a higher level of energy and less fatigue when you join your next video call. Just remember, for the best video conferencing solutions with great features and security, speak to Vaitel.

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