The Benefits of Business Recovery and Resilience Mentoring

The world’s economy was brought to its knees by the onslaught of the  COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses worldwide were quick to adapt and building resilience is quickly becoming one of the most important skills businesses can cultivate. For more on business resilience mentoring, visit the website of Mentoris Group Australia. 

In times of crisis and of uncertainty such as these, businesses big and small must remain agile and proactive in their decision-making to ensure long term business continuity and recovery. But how does one do that? By mapping a business strategy and getting the services of a business resilience mentor

Below are 3 business strategies to equip business leaders with the tools to bounce back or recover and also reshape your business and plan for the future amidst the pandemic.

1. Put People First

It is an undeniable fact that people are at the centre of your business and your most important asset. It can be expensive and will take years to train and develop staff to help sustain business continuity. Below are ways to keep them engaged and stay with the company longer.

  • By ensuring your staff’s physical wellbeing by providing personal protective equipment and the distribution of free hand-sanitisers and personal face masks
  • Setting clear rules for social distancing
  • Organising home pick-ups for employees 
  • Arranging a remote working policy to allow people to work safely. 
  • Clear and regular communication to reassure your employees. 
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2. Adapt a Business Strategy

Adaptability, innovation, and resilience are the top 3 words in this time of the pandemic. The COVID-19 crisis has driven companies all over the world to revise their original business model and adjust to the air of uncertainty.

Businesses need to be fast and agile. The slow ones die out quickly and fade into oblivion. The only thing certain is  that today’s reality will be very different from the future. Mentoris Group Australia, offers a wide range of business and executive mentoring geared towards making your business more future proof and resilient. 

3. Communication is Key

Clear, transparent, and timely communication is essential to survival and recovery amidst the global pandemic. Keep your lines open for:

  • Keep customers constantly informed of any impacts to product or service delivery.
  • Always reassure clients of continuous service amidst the crisis. 
  • Keep in touch with suppliers for regular updates on their ability to deliver goods & services.
  • Always reach out to partners and stakeholders to strengthen collaboration and business development.

For more on business resilience mentoring, visit the website of Mentoris Group Australia.

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