Advanced owners corporation management courses

If you want to be a body corporate manager, then read through this article to see three reputable owners corporation management courses to kick start your career in the field.

Certificate IV in Strata Community Management, RMIT University

The Certificate IV in Strata Community Management, developed in collaboration with Strata Community Australia, highlights the work of people who provide these kinds of services to strata developments. In most cases, the person will work alone, although they may also be part of a community of strata managers.

Course takers will study strata systems and communities, as well as the roles and responsibilities of a manager, such as meeting management and organization, managing strata assets and presenting on fiscal activities, managing insurance, executing contracts of appointment, and reading plans.Students will understand the value of legislation and how to apply it, as well as how to communicate effectively with commissions and other important stakeholders, as part of this curriculum.

After completion, the applicant will have a strong grasp of how to manage a collection of strata-owned properties and will be eligible to operate like a strata management professional.

The program is delivered via RMIT University’s learning management system as a virtual learning course. Structured instructor-led mentorship and individual coaching are provided in conjunction with engaging digitally upgraded materials. Strata management will be the emphasis of the learning materials.

Because assessment assignments involve both job-based projects and industry activities, students must be working in the sector, preferably with one year’s worth of experience.

“New Entrant Induction” – 3 Day Complete Body Corporate & Management Rights Training Course

New and current members of the committee, as well as building managers, will benefit from the courses. The courses are completely tailored to each scheme and give crucial insight to location-specific legal requirements, fiduciary responsibilities of the caretaking service provider, and appropriate Codes of Practices to assist in reducing any dangers on the common property and protect the interests of both owners and operators.

Participants learn how to conduct a location-specific compliance audit and write a complete building management report. Minus the fear of paying fines or infringement warnings, a thorough examination of the common property such as cleaning and horticulture performance requirements and body corporate maintenance history is performed.

A two-day training will be required for developments with more than forty-five slots and/or extensive construction infrastructure. Participants must have passed Day 1 and Day 2 of the training program to be eligible for this program.

Education with the Strata Community Association, SCA

This complete body corporate community management course gives novice managers a realistic perspective, seasoned managers with a necessary refresh, and members of the committee with advanced training.

You will get a participation guide with example documents and time-efficient strategies to help you deal with homeowners, suppliers, managers, and other specialists. This course is accessible in person and digitally in both Australia and New Zealand.

As of the moment, the following specific courses are offered by SCA:

1. Committee Training for Strata Committees and Owners

2. SCA A100/NZ100 Introduction to Strata for Managers and Suppliers

3. Certificate IV in Strata Community Management for Strata for Managers

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